Zoo Warlock Deck on Murder at Castle Nathria, Hearthstone’s new expansion –

What is the best Warlock deck to play for the release of Murder at Castle Nathria on Hearthstone? Here is a theorycraft decklist Warlock zoo aggro. With the arrival of Murder at Castle Nathria, Hearthstone is enriched with no less than 135 new cards. With the new Imprint mechanic and Locations, a new type of card, the meta of the game should change a lot, especially for the Warlock. Hearthstone’s new expansion.

What is the best Warlock deck for Murder at Castle Nathria on Hearthstone?

With the reveal of Hearthstone’s 135 new cards, players have theorycrafting decks to try out when the Murder at Castle Nathria expansion releases. This Warlock deck has great potential that will be confirmed when the meta is more stable.
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Zoo Warlock Gameplay

A zoo archetype for the warlock, rather classic isn’t it? Except that this time, the extension adds a specificity: imps! With many synergies around these little creatures, Murder at Castle Nathria offers a breath of fresh air to the zoo warlock. Here’s how the game plan breaks down: Mulligan / Early Game: A very large part of your deck costs 1 or 2 mana . Flame Imp and Voidwalker are two great cards to keep. Do not hesitate to also abuse your heroic power to never run out of resources. Mid Game: Tamsin, Dread Lich (Dreadlich Tamsin) and especially Rafaam, the Imp King (Imp King Rafaam) will allow you to apply constant pressure to your opponent. Rafaam offers you more resources and above all a resilient board. Late Game: The late game has never been a strong point of the Zoo, and this expansion doesn’t change that habit. Ideally, the game should end around turn 7 or 8 maximum, otherwise you risk quickly being overrun and losing. As a reminder, Murder at Castle Nathria is available on Hearthstone on August 2, 2022. Posted on 02/08/2022 at 18:16

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