Zeri Mid Guide S12: Build, runes and stuff on LoL –

How to play the new champion Zeri at Mid? Find our guide to find out which items to buy, which runes to adopt and which spells to favor! Zeri has just been released on League of Legends. Here’s our guide to playing it best at Mid.

The runes of Zeri Mid on LoL

Zeri Mid Summoner Spells

Flash: This summoner spell is mandatory on the vast majority of champions, both offensively and defensively. Teleportation: Mobility on the map is very useful to better control your lane at the start of the game, or to impact that of others in the middle and end of the game. Ignite: Ideal for an aggressive start to the game thanks to the additional damage and to prevent the regeneration of life from your opponents.

Zeri Mid Starting Items

Doran’s Blade: If you’re not too worried about enemy poke or want to play aggressively, Doran’s Blade stats will help you a lot in the early game.

The build of Zeri Mid

mythical object

Kraken Slayer: This item is by far the best mythic in terms of pure DPS, especially against tanky champions, and is to be preferred if you are not in too much danger. Immortal Arc-Shield: If you are endangered by burst champions, especially assassins or mages, this defensive choice can pay off.

Standard build

Immortal Archshield Spectral Scythe Infinity Edge The Spectral Scythe will greatly boost the damage of Flurry (Q). The Infinity Blade will considerably increase your damage as well as your critical chance, thus giving you a colossal power spike.

Other Endgame Options

Greetings from Dominik Bloodthirst Mercurial Scimitar Deadly Reminder Defensively, Bloodthirst and Mercurial Scimitar can get you out of sticky situations. While Greetings from Dominik is a useful item against champions that stack armor. Deadly Recall is essential against self-healing champions like Yone and Dr. Mundo.

Choice of Boots

Berserker’s Leggings: The attack speed bonus is a very substantial DPS boost in the early and mid game. Boots of Speed: These boots are excellent for staggering and for staying mobile during teamfights thanks to the extra movement speed in combat.

Zeri Mid Spells

The spells to max are in the order: A > E > Z You generally want to start at A, then put a dot in the W at level 2 and in the E at level 3.

How to Play Zeri Mid?

Zeri is a pretty weak early game champion, her base damage is relatively low, and she’s easy prey to poke and all-ins. Most of the time, it will be necessary to adopt a safe gameplay by taking advantage of the range of 825 of the Q to farm without taking too much risk. It will also be very important to stay in motion to charge her right click. On the Midlane, Zeri will surely suffer in the majority of matchups, so she will have to rely on her good ability to roam with Ion Charge (E) to feed herself at the start Zeri’s autoattacks are skillshots, which makes lane-phase trades tricky due to minion waves. The Spark of Zaun shines more in the all-in phases, especially once it has unlocked Electric Eruption (R). Zeri’s right click is a versatile spell that once charged allows you to kite or chase a target effectively. It’s also an effective finisher that deals a lot of damage to targets that are under 35% HP. Ionic Charge (E) is the only defensive spell and has a long cooldown in the early game. In the lane phase, when your E is in CD, it is imperative to play as safe as possible and to respect the opposing threats. As the game progresses and Zeri builds up attack speed, the E will return faster which will make her more mobile and elusive. In the grouped phase, the Spark of Zaun is Mid can initiate and quickly follow the engages: launched through a wall, Laser electrocutioner (Z) gains in range and becomes wider which allows for long distance catches. Ion Charge (E) allows Zeri to spin quickly and punish bad positioning, but if you choose to go all-in with your E, it will mean that he will be unavailable for many seconds, a placement irreproachable will therefore be required. In teamfight, Zeri is very demanding because she must remain mobile at all times while managing the aim of Rafale (A). When overloaded with R, Zaun’s Spark gains efficiency and becomes easier to play with its high mobility and AOE damage, so it’s best to avoid big fights when Electric Surge is on CD. Find all the best articles server on League of Legends and follow us on Facebook to follow our news and ask your questions!