Zeraora Pokémon Unite, how to unlock it for free on iOS and Android?

Pokémon Unite comes this September 22, 2021 to be available on Android and iOS, we explain how to unlock Zeraora for free! Pokémon Unite was officially released on Switch on July 21, 2021, and it was possible to unlock a Pokémon for free from that date: Zeraora. In addition to the Switch, it is on iOS and Android that it will be possible to obtain this Pokémon, in September 2021! How to unlock Zeraora on iOS and Android? We explain how to get this Pokémon for free when the game is released thanks to the event set up “Zeraora Missions”!

How to unlock Zeraora on iOS and Android for free?

Previously when Pokémon Unite was released, it was possible by logging in before August 31 to get Zeraora for free by simply picking it up in their messages, but on mobile, the date has passed, a new method exists to unlock Zeroara for free. A “Zeraora Missions” event has been set up, to participate you will have to win games and reach different levels: 2 victories: 100 Aeos tickets 8 victories: 450 Aeos coins 16 victories: 50 Amplifiers 32 victories: Zeraora If you don’t not know Zeraora, it is an Electric-type Pokémon. He is very fast, grabs his opponents and deals massive damage to them in the blink of an eye. Its Unite Move consists of sending a powerful electric shock that creates an area of ​​plasma around the impact zone. It is currently the pokemon with the highest attack stats.

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