Wrath of the Righteous and become a deity

V Pathfinder: Wrath of the Righteous you control a hero who can choose between different mythical paths, which in turn provide all the necessary resources to defeat the demons and save the inhabitants of Dresen and its environs from the World Plague. If you do 5 things, you can become something more. The game contains several unique artifacts, secret knowledge and special crystals that must be obtained when destroying especially powerful demons.

The only such difficult secret ending that comes to mind is the perfect ending for Wasteland 3. Make at least one mistake here – write it up. I will try to keep spoilers to a minimum, but still be careful. By completing these listed actions, your character will be able to take the physical form of a deity.

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  1. To get this ending don’t follow along the mythical path of the Walking Swarm or Legend!
  2. Do not choose Aeon or Law-ably when interacting with a warding stone (apparently in the Gray Garrison).
  3. You need to reach the Line no later than the third week of Gozran, 4717. If you are late, you will not see the final!
  4. Do not turn on the automatic crusade mode. It will disable an important feature and prevent you from completing some research projects.

Act 1

  1. During the Descari scene, attack with a crossbow. Don’t use a spell.
  2. Be sure to pick up the crystal dagger

Act 2

  1. Make Nuru your ally. After the events at the Smile of the Leper, return to Nura and go through two perception checks to communicate with her. You can attach it to yourself after the Lost Chapel location. This is important for the further game.
  2. During the Battle of Dresen, free Yaniel and follow her to the secret passage. Choose evil or neutral options.

Act 3

  1. Get the Lexicon of Paradox at Arilu’s Lab. Take his power, keep it with you, keep Shove alive.
  2. The seam is important to get the ending!

Act 4

  1. Free the Seam in the market.
  2. Later, when you meet Arila, ask for Showa. After the dialogue, take a perception test. Make sure to give up Arilu’s power, continue the conversation instead.

Act 5

  1. If you ally with Nura in Act 2, head to Palara Falls and make sure no one escapes.
  2. Repair the broken cloak artifact found in Arilu’s lab before you meet her in Iza. The Storyteller will help with this.
  3. In Iza, find Anemora’s room and take the crystal key and the hidden glass key. Take a perception check near the stairs to reveal a hidden passage to the glass key inside the chest.
  4. Defeat Descari and return to Arilu’s Lab. Go to Project Lexicon and enter the portal to the hidden part of Arilu’s lab.

Once you get into the hidden part, you can try to convince Arila to grant you divinity. It will be a tricky stretch with some incredibly difficult tests requiring 40+ skill levels.

What it takes to achieve divinity in Pathfinder: Wrath of the Righteous

In the fifth act, if you follow all the steps described above, you will be able to talk to Arilu about receiving divinity. To do this, you will need a few specific items and the completion of some research. Use Quick Save as often as possible, after every successful check!

You need 1 Nahindrian Crystal… Use Midnight Arrows on Demon Lords to extract fresh crystal. It is needed to achieve divinity – the more crystals you collect, the more characters from the squad will be able to ascend to the divine level!

Where are the midnight bolts:

  • Act 3 – Ivory Sanctuary, Chamber of Xanthyr
  • Act 3 – Arilu’s laboratory
  • Act 4 – Nocticula’s palace, projector room
  • Act 4 – mines
  • Act 5 – Out, Ruins

You need to fill in the Lexicon… The second part is located in Noctykula’s palace in the projector room. A difficult Perception Check (~ 40) is required to discover Nocticula’s cache. Connect both parts by right-clicking on either. After combining the Lexicon, you must pass several high-level checks. You need to go through EVERYTHING. This will be easier if you collect as many of the Storyteller’s notes as possible.

You need to complete 4 studies… Blade of Valor, Nachindrian Crystal, Aril’s Notes and Palara’s Map. The Blade of Valor can be researched before anyone else, at any time. The last three projects are only in the fifth act.

If you have done all this, you will meet Arila in the hidden part and see a special ending. Convince Arila. The final meeting will differ depending on the previously chosen mythical path. There are several ways to convince Arila. If you can convince her in 5 out of 7 branches, then she will change her mind. You can also meet even more Demon Lords on which you can use midnight arrows.

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