WoW Classic Mining Guide

Screenshot by Guides Whether you’re heading back to WoW Classic for a nostalgic dungeon grind or you’re a newbie player, entering professions can be somewhat overwhelming at first. If you choose the mining profession it can be a bit tedious, but once you get used to the cycle of improving your skills, you will be able to reach level 300 in no time. As with all professions in Classic WoW, it starts with a visit to the mining trainer and supplier. Each city will have its own trainer and supplier. If you are having trouble finding your trainer in a particular town, ask the town guards and most of them will be able to direct you easily. Learn the trade from your trainer, and don’t forget to pick up the mining pick from the mining supplier, as you can only mine if you have it. Screenshot by Guides When you’re on a quest or traveling, always keep an eye out for ore veins protruding from the landscape (as seen above). Although they can appear anywhere in the landscape, you are more likely to find them on hills or mountainous areas. Approach a vein and you will have the opportunity to exploit it. Keep mining until the vein is gone and you will receive the maximum amount he was willing to give. At lower levels you will likely gain a skill point for your mining for every strike in a vein, but at later levels it gets a bit more tedious. Grinding it is useful, however, because when you start smelting your harvested ore, it opens up possibilities for one-off gear or a fair amount of parts. Related: WoW Classic Leatherworking Guide Screenshot By Guides Fusion Not Only Provides You With Usable Resources, But It Matters And Adds To Your Skill Level In Mining. You will know what kind of skill you will get from each ore by looking at the color of the words: Orange is a guaranteed skill. Yellow is a likely skill. Green is an unlikely (but still possible) way to assign a skill. Gray will never assign a skill. When you’ve found a safe place and decided it’s time to smell: Find a Forge, you won’t be able to Melt outside of a Forge. Anvils are usually nearby. Open your spellbook. Click on the Fusion tab and this will display your Fusion menu (as seen above). Melt as much ore as you have. After melting you will have created bars from the ore (if you mine copper ore you will melt copper bars etc.). From there, it’s up to the players to decide whether they want to keep the ingots and use them to craft equipment (mainly if their secondary profession is smithing), or mail piles of them to the auction house for extra money. There are always players willing to pay for stacks of melted bars for crafting. Repeat this cycle as you level up and gain the ability to tap more advanced veins, ensuring the most skill points. For more guides on WoW Classic, look at WoW Classic: Area Fishing Skill Level and stay tuned to our guides for ongoing coverage of your favorite games!

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