WoW: Best MM + dungeons of this week, easiest to push

As every week, the affixes of MM + change on World of Warcraft. Find out here which are the best dungeons to do this week. Each week Blizzard updates the affixes for World of Warcraft Mythic + dungeons. Modifiers which, from one week to another, can completely change the difficulty of a dungeon and of the game. Some weeks will therefore be more conducive to increasing its key level. The most suitable dungeons for affixes of the week are also changing, making some more difficult than others, so which MM + dungeons are most suitable for affixes of the week? Here is a tier-list of the best dungeons and classes for this week, according to information provided by

What are the best MM + dungeons of the week in World of Warcraft?

This week three affixes have changed while retaining the season 2 affix, Tormented, only from level 10. Players will therefore have to deal with the penalties applied by the affixes Fortified, Detonating and Whirling. With this information in mind, the best dungeons to do in MM + this week will therefore be the following. The classification goes from the easiest (S) to the hardest (E). Difficulty Name of the dungeon S Necrotic wake A Mists of Tirna Scithe B Malepeste – Halls of atonement – Arrows of Ascension C Theater of suffering D Blood depths E The other side (source: By taking taking into account these affixes it is thus possible to also establish a list of the tanks, healers and DPS specializations that will be the most efficient this week. Tanks Healers DPS Druid Guardian Paladin Sacred Rogue Outlaw / Fire Mage Monk Brewmaster Shaman Restoration Monk Windwalker / Druid Balance Warrior Protection Priest Discipline Rogue Subtlety / Frost Mage (source: Note that these lists are based on approximately 1,500 runs of level +17 to +27 MM + dungeons. See you next week for the new best dungeons and classes in World of Warcraft!

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