Worst Animal Crossing Villagers Ever

Animal Crossing is nothing without its quirky and interesting villagers. And just like there are villagers that everyone seems to like, like Roald or Ketchup, there are also those villagers that hardly anyone likes. This is a list of the worst villagers in Animal Crossing.


Rocket doesn’t have much going for her. Gorillas aren’t a fan favorite type of villager, to begin with. Combine that with this pink combination and this lipstick, and the result is less than favorable. Finally, with a slogan like “vroom,” it looked like Rocket was going to be hated from the start. Image via Nintendo


If Barold’s beard and rosy lips didn’t scare you, the tiger-print shirt certainly should have raised the flags. Her peculiar fashion choices aside, her interior design style is just plain odd, choosing to decorate her home to look like an office, complete with a desk and a copier. Scariest of all, his wallpaper is security monitors! Which makes you feel like he’s watching your every move. Image via Nintendo


There is something about Cobb that makes you really uncomfortable. It’s probably those big yellow glasses that make him look like a mad scientist. Its slogan is “hot dog,” which just sounds very relevant to a mad pig scientist. Plus, if all that wasn’t enough, he comes across as very self-centered and dense. Image via Nintendo Related: Best Villagers in Animal Crossing: New Horizons


Ricky got a bad hand. With a face like that, how are we supposed to love you? Ricky has a cranky face and a crankier personality to go with it. It’s hard to like a villager who looks restless at all times and says things like, “You have to crack some shells to get to the nut. »Image via Nintendo


Finally, we come to Rodney. I think everyone can agree that Rodney is the absolute worst. There’s even an entire subreddit dedicated solely to spreading hatred against Rodney. I mean, that face just screams smugness. Plus, for some reason, he’s unusually aggressive. It’s almost like he’s Animal Crossing’s version of an “Internet troll”. Even if you were looking for a sufficient villager, there are certainly better options than Rodney. Image via Nintendo So there you have it, our list of the worst villagers in Animal Crossing. If you think we missed it, or if you feel like making a case for any of the villagers mentioned above, drop us a line! For more Animal Crossing, look at the Rare Villagers in Animal Crossing: New Horizons and stay here on Guides.

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