Worship of the Lamb gives first glimpse of world map

Image via Massive Monster Cult of the Lamb is publisher Devolver Digital and developer Massive Monster’s combination of cult simulator, city builder and action-adventure game. They came together to give the first reveal of the world map for players to explore. This news comes via the official Massive Monster Twitter and states, “You can meet NPCs in @cultofthelamb that will take you to new places on the world map! There is a whole world to explore. This gives players a view of various locations, such as Lamb City, Lonely Shack, and Pilgrim’s Passage. Related: Cult of the Lamb reveals and explains Knucklebones, an in-game minigame There’s a mention of NPCs, but it doesn’t show in the actual tweet. But Cult of the Lamb features various characters that you can encounter, including cultists, gods, and more, so it’s likely to be filled with quirky and interesting characters. Cult of the Lamb features a randomly generated world and roguelike gameplay despite the presence of a map, but this is likely limited to locations. The world map should stay the same, but it features ever-changing areas in each named location. For more information on the games, see and What does each hellish arm do in Hades? and What is Blossom Tales 2: The Minotaur Prince? Release date, physical edition and more! on our guides.

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