Working Coupon Codes (Omega and Pegasus) for Marvel Future Revolution: September 2021 (Updated)

Coupon codes for Marvel future revolution Is a great way to get free items and in-game currency. Most of them periodically appear as gifts for players in honor of some significant event. The first portion is dedicated to the official release of the game. We will constantly update this page.

It is noteworthy that two types of codes will be used in Marvel Future Revolution. The former are coupon codes, and most likely the latter will be called promotional codes, although their name is still a secret.

What coupon codes give in Marvel Future Revolution

Omega Flight coupon codes are similar to promo codes in other games. With their help, you can get free items, including gold or potential reports, which can otherwise be obtained through grinding. The catch is that each coupon code has its own expiration date. That is, after a few days, some of them may become invalid. We will definitely follow this information!

Pegasus Codes in Marvel Future Revolution

This is the second type of codes, which consist of 16 characters, but at the moment it is not known for what and how they will be used. Developer NetMarble announced that they will be released as part of events, but so far only Omega codes are available.

Where to Enter Codes in Marvel Future Revolution

Visit official sitewhere you can enter coupon codes. In addition, you can redeem codes in the game itself. To do this, go to the “Settings” menu and select the “Accounts” item. Then enter the desired code. If you do this through the site, you will have to enter your membership number (member code; specified in settings, accounts) and select a server.

Working codes in Marvel Future Revolution

List of current codes for Marvel Future Revolution:

  • OMEGAFLIGHT – Moderate Attack Boost
  • CONVERGENCE – Moderate Attack Boost
  • DOWNLOADMFR – 13 Omega Card Box
  • AGENTM – 50,000 gold
  • GAMESPOTMFR – 50 reports
  • MFRLIVE – Costume Box
  • LAUNCH825 – 50,000 gold

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