Wings of Ruin – Molten Tigrex Monstie

To get a Melted Tigrex Egg, you must first update Monster Hunter Stories 2: Wings of Ruin to 1.4.0. Once this is done, you need to interact with A Quest Board in any village and click on Multiplayer. Click on play online, go to the Expeditions tab and locate the quest (Explore) Dragon Eggs. This is an 8-star quest and is easier to do online than in co-op with a friend or random person. You can do this solo and have an AI friend to help you out, but the AI ​​companion is useless compared to a real person. Once the quest is selected, press OK, choose your expedition ticket. We recommend using an SR Expedition Ticket as it gives a higher chance of acquiring a Rare Egg, or in this case the Molten Tigrex Egg, but there is no guarantee. Explore the area and locate Molten Tigrex’s lair. If you don’t want to fight anything on your travels, bring a Nargacuga and use its stealth monster ability so you don’t get attacked by monsters. You will arrive at your destination in peace. Related: All Types Of Attacks, Weaknesses & Counters In Monster Hunter Stories 2: Wings Of Ruin Molten Tigrex Is Brutal Fighting, But Did You Expect Less From A Rare Species Of Tigrex? The enemy has a huge health pool and uses several powerful attacks in a row. This can quickly wipe out your team if you don’t prepare for the assault. You have to pay attention to two main movements. Savage Roar which transforms into Deafening Roar which changes Molten Tigrex to Technical, and Wild Spear, which after a few turns will become downcast, then revert to Power, their original state. Monster Type of attack Counter Element weakness Physiology and weakness of melting Tigrex pieces Initial: Power
Enraged: speed
After a deafening roar: technique
After being shot: the Initial Speed ​​power
Enraged: speed
After a deafening roar: power
After being shot: Speed ​​Water Head: Pierce
Stomach: blunt / cut
Legs: Pierce / Slash When Molten Tigrex has been defeated, you can then loot the nest for the eggs. Due to the fact that Molten Tigrex is a rare form, the egg changes slightly from its base form. Use the image below to find out exactly which egg you’re looking for: the egg is blue and white instead of blue and red. As usual, head to the exit of the den with your prize and make sure the egg is stored. Then go hatch it to see if you were lucky enough to get Molten Tigrex as a Monstie. Otherwise, rinse and repeat. For more Monster Hunter Stories 2 guides, PGG is here for you!

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