why is the nba game in spanish abc

why is the nba game in spanish abc

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WRTV – Got a couple of calls about NBA Finals on ABC and RTV …


If you are hearing Spanish over your TV, your SAP (Secondary Audio Program) is turned on. Just turn the SAP channel off and you will get the primary audio in

All of a sudden NBA on ABC will only play in Spanish : r/youtubetv

All of a sudden NBA on ABC will only play in Spanish from youtubetv

21 févr. 2021 I sent feedback on this. This occurred last night with lackers/heat game on ABC and now with celtics/Pelicans game on ABC. I’m in Twin Cities.

Why is the football game in another language? | 9news.com


3 oct. 2021 DENVER — It’s football season, and many people are surprised when they turn on the game to find the broadcasters are speaking Spanish,

How to fix Spanish audio on CBS by using SAP controls | WTTV …


10 oct. 2017 INDIANAPOLIS, Ind.– Hearing Spanish audio on your programming instead of English? Here’s the cause and solution to fix it.

why is the nba game in spanish abc

NBA on ABC broadcasts are in Spanish on Contour App – Apps …


During the Oklahoma City vs Cleveland game, the audio feed switched from English to Spanish. Closed captions are in English,

Why Is My TV In Spanish | Manage Audio Mode And Disable SAP


30 sept. 2022 Believe it or not, it’s not uncommon to turn on your TV and find it playing audio in a different language, more commonly Spanish.

Why am I hearing Spanish audio on my TV programming? – Follow …


18 sept. 2019 Armstrong’s television equipment, by default, is set to receive the English audio channel. However, if you notice that the program you are

Hearing the Super Bowl in Spanish? Here’s how to change it to …


7 févr. 2016 However when SAP is available, such as during NFL games, SAP becomes Spanish commentary. If you find your broadcast suddenly is in Spanish you

Why Are Some of My TV Channels in Spanish Spectrum? | Local …


7 sept. 2020 Find out why some of your Spectrum TV channels are in Spanish and how you can switch them back to the English language.


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