Which deck should I choose in Act 2 of Encryption

Screenshot by Guides After defeating Leshy in the cabin, you may think you’ve finished the game, especially after unlocking the New Game button. But you’ve just beaten Act 1 of Encryption and unlock Act 2. In addition to gaining more story and context, the player must choose a deck to start. You may be wondering which deck to choose. You can choose between Leshy’s deck, Grimora’s deck, P03’s deck, or Magnificus’s deck. Everyone plays differently and has different mechanics. We recommend that you choose the Leshy deck or the Grimora deck. Related: What Are Boons – How To Get Them In Inscryption These Are The Bridge Of The Beasts And The Bridge Of The Dead, respectively. They both play in a way most similar to what players had access to in Act 1 of Encryption and are easier to understand than the Magic Game and the Tech Game. These other decks have unique mechanics that can be difficult to understand at first. While the player will have access to all cards and can modify their deck, starting with Leshy’s or Grimora’s deck gives players a much stronger start with more options. They play on blood and bones and complement each other well. The game apparently knows this because there is an auto-build option for your deck, and it mostly draws cards from beasts or undead. For more information on Inscryption, see How to Beat Leshy in Inscryption and How to Beat the Trapper and Trader in Inscryption on Guides.

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