Which clan should you join in Bloodhunt?

Each clan in Bloodhunt is different from the others – they have different archetypes that possess a variety of powers. This means that you have the choice between a pool of characters. Here is a guide to help you select the best clan for you in Bloodhunt Battle Royale. Know this before you start, there are three clans in total with two builds / characters each. Each Archetype has three powers: Clan Skill, Archetype Skill, and Passive Skill.

Clan Brujah in the blood hunt

You should join the Brujah Clan if you want offensive playing abilities paired with a powerful movement skill. Brujah Clan Skill: Soaring Leap – Allows you to perform a powerful leap forward. The two characters of this clan are Brute and Vandal. Besides the Soaring Leap Clan skill, Brute can regenerate his health to 50% and has the ability to deflect bullets. While Vandal takes less damage in close range combat. They can also deliver a ground shock capable of throwing enemies upwards. Related: All Vampire BR Bloodhunt Clans and Archetypes, and Their Abilities.

The Nosferatu clan in the blood hunt

The Nosferatu clan should be preferred if you like characters with stealth and recognition powers. Nosferatu Clan Skill: Vanish – While active, you gain invisibility and rapid movement abilities for a brief duration. The Saboteur archetype in Bloodhunt BR makes you semi-invisible when walking crouching. You can also drop poison gas explosives triggered by proximity. Additionally, Prowler unleashes bats that betray hidden enemy players. You can also see traces of damaged enemies being Prowler.

Toreador Clan in the Blood Hunt

Choose a Toreador clan archetype if you’re playing defense and would appreciate a powerful movement skill. In addition, this clan in BloodHunt is also suitable for offensive players. Toreador Clan Skill: Projection / Dash – Allows you to send a projection of yourself. You can rush in or leave it as is, depending on the situation and needs. Selecting Siren will allow you to blind nearby enemies, as if you were using a flashbang. The mermaid charm makes civilians friendly. Muse grants you healing power and allows you to use powers while down. For more Blood Hunt guides, look at When Does Bloodhunt Release? on Guides.

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