Where to Study Guardian Footprints in Fortnite

Screenshot by Guides The second quest we need to complete for the new Ariana Grande Monster Hunter questline is to study the Guardian’s footprints that are found all over the map. When we see this quest on our challenge list, we can see that there are markers for each set of Guardian Footprints to guide you to the right place. In this guide, we provide additional instructions on where to find the footprints. Footprints are easy to spot when you approach the right area because they glow a hot pink. Use the map and directions below to find the general area you need to go to. Screenshot by Guides Related: All NPC locations in Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 8 Believer Beach: On the road in the western half of town. Pleasant Park: Just north of the soccer field. Steep Cliffs: At the edge of town, on the cliff next to the road. Holly Hedges: Behind the house at the west end of town. Boney Burbs: On the road next to the gas station. Corny Complex: Next to the crater directly west of the big blue house. Retail Row: Outside the north wall of the grocery store on the north side of town. Catty Corner: At the entrance of the dirt road to the building in front of the gas station. Misty Meadows: Directly north of the Clock Tower on the western half of town. Lazy Lake: In the grass in the northeast corner of town, near the front door. Dirty Docks: On the dirty path leading from the beach to the far north of the resort. When you’ve approached a set of footprints, simply walk over to see the prompt to examine them. Once you’ve done this in two of the locations listed above, you’ve completed the quest! Want to see the rest of the quests in this questline, or even get guides? Check out our list of All Ariana Grande Monster Hunter Punch Card Quests!

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