Where to go after getting the ghost cloak in Metroid Dread

Screenshot by Guides Dread is full of abilities and enemies to collect and defeat. This includes boss fights that will test the player’s skills and the use of Samus’ abilities. The first main boss is Corpius, an alien creature with a scorpion tail and the ability to become invisible. After defeating Corpius, players will gain the Phantom Cloak, an ability that allows Samus to become invisible. With this ability, Samus can hide from enemies and pass through sensor doors. After unlocking the ghost cloak, players are a bit confused and don’t know where to go. You can find out where to go after getting the Ghost Cloak below. Related: How to Unlock Pulse Radar in Metroid Dread Screenshot by Guides You will start from the Corpius boss room marked with an X. Leave the room and go up the spider magnet wall up to the sensor door. Use the ghost cloak to cross it. Continue to the left and go up the room to the top, taking the corridor to the right through the sensor door. Jump on the platform then head down this room. Keep going right until you get to the save room. Record your progress, then continue right until you come to another sensor gate. Go through it. Follow this path to the right, watch out for the many enemies in this room. Go through the blaster door and head to the elevator, marked with the circle, that leads to Cataris, the next area of ​​Metroid Dread. For more information on Metroid Dread, see How to Unlock Ice Missile in Metroid Dread and How to Unlock Spin Boost in Metroid Dread on Guides.

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