Where to find the unique El Tirano sniper rifle in Far Cry 6

The El Tirano Unique Sniper Rifle is a must have weapon model in Far Cry 6. You can get this unique weapon for free and use it as a sniper. Although it comes preloaded with powerful accessories, it does not feature a suppressor. The El Tirano can be unlocked quite easily by following the steps in this guide.

Unique location of the El Tirano sniper rifle

Province – Oro Valley Region – Barrial The weapon can be found in Escila Fort, located in the northernmost part of Yara. After arriving at this location, you will find other guerrillas fighting the FND forces. It’s your choice to help them in the fight or just continue the quest.

How to unlock the unique El Tirano sniper rifle

Find a way to access the roof of the fort once inside. As said before, you can either eliminate the soldiers or proceed with the treasure hunt. Make sure you don’t get killed. Reach the point of view where you will find a prompt to use the grappling hook (shown in the image above). Hang on to reach the top of the watchtower. Take the mighty El General from the weapon chest. Related: Where To Find The El General Unique Automatic Pistol In Far Cry 6

Characteristics of the Tyrant’s unique weapon

Attachment Mods Small Advanced Sniper Scope Armor Piercing Rounds – 10x range that helps hold breath. Large Muzzle Brake – Improves horizontal recoil and muzzle flash. Extended Magazine Mods Fresh Clip – First hit after reloading deals enhanced damage. The sniper rifle is undoubtedly overkill, but its overall mobility is slow. Nevertheless, give it a try to find out for yourself. For more unique Far Cry 6 weapons, look at how to unlock the Into Orbit Unique Launcher on the Guides.

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