Where to find the treasure of the rising tide in Far Cry 6 – Scavenger hunt guide

In the Rising Tide Treasure Hunt your objective is to solve a puzzle in order to unlock the secret room stash. The quest can be found in the southern part of Yara and gives you a special unique weapon as a reward. Here’s how to complete the quest and collect the Camo Quinceanera Unique Rifle in Far Cry 6.

Location of the Rising Tide Treasure

Province – Eastern Region – Lost Sierra The region is called Yarabi, a fishing village located south of the Robustas Hills. The place is by the shark infested sea, so beware. Enter the house with the secret room and you will see a series of switches. When pressed in order, they will unlock the hideout.

How to complete the rising tide treasure hunt

The order of the switches with the names of the rulers written on plates can be studied. But we’ve got the job done for you if you don’t like being a detective. Scroll down for the correct order. If you want to do the job yourself, go under the house and you will see a note with the correct sequence. Another way is to locate the five painted boats and write down the number next to them. Press the light switches in the order shown below: The Sea Tiger Pimp Daddy El Lucky Clarita Victoria Red The treasure is yours now, and the 150 XP of course. Related: Where To Find A Little Birdie Told Me Treasure In Far Cry 6 – Treasure Hunt Guide

Unique Features of the Camo Quinceanera Rifle

Round Target Soft Attachment Mods – Deals heavy damage to unarmored targets. Tactical sight – 3x medium range optics. Resolving Laser Pointer – Improves hip shooting accuracy. Gunslinger Mods – Improves draw and holster speed. Preloader – Improves the reload speed of a partially used magazine. For more guides, visit Where to Find Passing The Torch Treasure in Far Cry 6 on Guides.

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