Where to find the treasure of cross sword lovers in Far Cry 6 – Scavenger hunt guide

You should definitely complete the Sword Lovers Treasure Hunt if you like throwing weapons. All you have to do is explore the skull cave and find your way to the treasure, not complicated at all. Here’s how to complete the quest and unlock the beautiful, unique La Petite Mort launcher in Far Cry 6.

Location of Cursed Lovers

Province – Valley of Oro Region – Barrial You will find the location of the treasure hunt in the cave of Calavera. It will be marked as a skull shape on your map. There is more than one entrance to the cave (I found two). It can be a bit difficult to access. I died falling twice trying to reach it, but that doesn’t mean you will. It doesn’t matter which way you enter. Once inside the cave, all you need to do is find a replica of a sunken ship.

How to Complete the Cursed Lovers Treasure Hunt

Depending on which entrance you choose, you will have to walk through a series of stairs and grappling hooks. Don’t worry if the quest isn’t followed. Once the quest is completed, it will appear in the progress log. Find your way to the ship located in the heart of the cave. Reach the upper deck where you will find a cannon. Interact with him to shoot a cannonball at the rocks. This will create an opening to the unique weapon treasure chest you came for. Grab it up to the chest and grab your weapon and 150 reward XP. Related: Where To Find Yaran’s Truest Treasure In Far Cry 6 – Treasure Hunt Guide

La Petite Mort Unique Grenade Launcher Features

Poison Grenade Attachment Mods – Unleashes a poison cloud that can turn enemies against each other. Poison also hides fire quickly. Gunslinger Mods – Improves draw and holster speed. Tap Your Advantage – Improves weapon damage to enemies with low health. For more unique Far Cry 6 weapons, look at Where to Find the Excavation Execution Shotgun – Treasure Hunt Guide on the Guides.

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