Where to find the treasure of crocodile tears in Far Cry 6 – Scavenger hunt guide

In Crocodile Tears Treasure Hunt your objective is to recover the key to a hidden hiding place from a swarm of hungry crocodiles. Completing the quest grants you a unique weapon to use in Far Cry 6. Here’s how to complete the mission and unlock the Surf and Turf Unique Rifle.

Crocodile’s Tears Treasure Hunt Guide

Province – Early morning Region – Aguas Lindas Luis Crocodile Farm is located next to Ardiente Cay in the northeast of Yara. His excessive friendliness and love for his crocodile, Beatriz, had him killed. You guessed it, Beatriz ate Luis. You must collect the key from Luis’ corpse to access the locked treasure room.

How to Complete the Crocodile Tears Treasure Hunt

To enter the crocodile cage, first pull the lock on the door. This can be done from the position shown in the image above. Let the crocodiles go, or just kill them. But be careful because they do a lot of damage. Continue inside the cage until you find Luis dead. The Beatriz crocodile will be inside the hangar behind Luis’ corpse. Kill the crocodile to get the key. She can be difficult to kill if you don’t have a powerful weapon. You can also use explosives. Hold on and swing to the locked room. Open the chest to receive your unique rifle and 150 XP. Related: Where To Find The Emerald Skull In Far Cry 6 – Treasure Hunt Guide

Single Surf and Turf Rifle

ACOG Piercing Round Armor Attachment Mods (Self-explanatory) – Mid-range 4x optic with a precision target. Extended Magazine Mods High Ground – Improves weapon damage to targets below you. For the MGL-6 Launcher weapon unlock, look at Where to Find Treasure Starter Gifts in Far Cry 6 – Treasure Hunt Guide on Guides.

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