Where to find The Missing Muse’s treasure in Far Cry 6 – Treasure Hunter Guide

The Missing Muse treasure hunt is located at the Pez Volador Diving Club. Go to the small hut, read the note on the wall and the hunt will begin. This hunt consists of reading poems and finding clues. You can ignore all of this as we tell you exactly what you are looking for. As you leave the hut, go straight ahead and head towards the boat-shaped building directly in front of you. Follow the wooden stairs and look behind the counter. You will see a notice board with numbers and a key at the bottom right. Take the key. Turn around and look at one of the tables and read a poem. Then go towards the water and at the quays go up the hut with a zip line which is connected to it. Read another poem here on a table. Zipline down and follow the cliffs to the left. Related: All Weapons In Far Cry 6 You’ll find another note, saying Rosa, the ship’s name is under the sea. Fall off the cliff and you’ll see a wooden platform below you. Look in the water and you will see a green buoy. Just below is Rosa. Shoot sharks first, as they can be a problem. Swim to this green buoy, then swim down. Open the chest on the boat, then go up quickly. The reward you will get is 150 XP and a Dark Tech Mask. Dark Tech Mask Digital Camouflage Slow down the automatic detection speed of enemy security camera and turret. For more Far Cry 6 guides, ProGameGuides is here for you!

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