Where to find the Long Drop Treasure in Far Cry 6 – Treasure hunt guide

The long treasure hunt is a must-do quest in Far Cry 6. Your objective is to collect the key to a weapons cache in the dam stream. It might seem scary at first, but it’s relatively easy.

The location of the long fall treasure hunt

Province – East Region – La Joya The quest is located on the Santos Espinos dam and is easily accessible. As soon as you reach the site you will hear a guy screaming for help. Unfortunately, you cannot save it because it will fall into the stream by the time you reach it.

How to complete the long treasure hunt

The body of the fallen dam worker is stuck on the dam. You must recover the key to the locked room from him. Attach the grapple to the top of the dam. Slowly lower yourself to the body of the dead worker. You cannot enter the key card while you are suspended. Untie the grapple and grab the key as you go down the stream. You need to time it correctly, if not, just keep pressing the interaction button repeatedly. Climb the ladder to reach the top of the dam and go to the weapons stash. Take the single weapon blueprint. Related: Where To Find The Three Relics Of The Triada In Far Cry 6 – Triada Blessings Yaran Stories

The long drop rewards

Excavation Execution Single Shotgun Attachment Mods Poison Shell – Inflicts poison damage over time. Could cause poisoned enemies to turn on each other. Reflex Sight – Proximity optics. Nimble Shooter Mods – Improves movement speed while aiming High Ground – Improves weapon damage to enemies below you. 150 XP For more unique Far Cry 6 weapons, look at Where to Find the Unique Humidora Shotgun in Far Cry 6 on the Guides.

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