Where to find the Legend of La Princesa treasure in Far Cry 6 – Scavenger hunt guide

This is a complete guide on how to find The Legend of La Princesa in Far Cry 6 and its rewards.

The Legend of La Princesa treasure hunt rewards

150 XP Points Bait Charm 1,000 Yarans Pesos 4 Meat License 6 Tarpon Meat

Location of the treasure

The treasure of La Princesa is located in the region of Madrugada in Yara. Travel to Espiritus Cay in the Costa Del Mar area. You will find a deep underwater cave at the site filled with jellyfish. Related: Where To Find Mongoose & Human Treasure In Far Cry 6 – Scavenger Hunt Guide

How to complete the treasure hunt

Interact with the letter above the underwater cave to start the mission. Go to the Blue Hole Cave. The sea cave is massive and has several levels. Watch out for jellyfish in the water. Their bite does serious damage and can kill you. After crossing four water levels you will find a letter. You may or may not read it. Cross another course and try to make your way to the top of the cave. You will then find La Princesa’s treasure chest next to Pablito’s corpse. Interact to complete the FarCry 6 Scavenger Hunt and receive rewards. For more Far Cry 6 guides, look at How to Play Co-op Online with Friends in Far Cry 6 on Guides.

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