Where to find the last to leave a treasure in Far Cry 6 – Scavenger hunt guide

The last to leave treasure hunt is the only quest you’ll find in Esparanza, the capital and stronghold of Yara. You must discover the treasure that a mother has hidden for her children. This mission also allows you to unlock the Desert Eagle pistol in Far Cry 6.

The last to leave the location

Province – Esparanza Region – Northeast corner Find a route to the Casa Del Lodo residences which are located next to the bay of Roja. The best way to get there without any military intervention is from Lozania. Your objective is to find and activate three switches to open the locked treasure room.

How To Complete The Last To Leave Scavenger Hunt

The three switches / levers are in three different locations as shown in the image above. Lower the third lever while stepping onto the water tank. The second lever is in the house at the bottom of the research area, by the sea. To enter the house, first destroy the poison container outside. Finally, for the first house, you must first open a secret door to access the lever. For this you need to interact with three objects inside the house. The correct order is: Radio – turn it on – turn it on Photo of a beach – tilt it Related: Where to find Cache Money Treasure in Far Cry 6 – Treasure hunt guide You can also refer to the image above for the correct sequence. The wardrobe will move and reveal a secret room. Enter and lower the lever. Finally, the treasure room is unlocked and you can access the rewards.

The last to leave the treasure hunt rewards

Desert Eagle Rooster Pistol La Bestia Blanca – Not part of the scavenger hunt. You can just pick it up from house number one. 1250 pesos Yarans Techmaster Pants Leggings 150 XP For more guides, look at Where to Find High Supply Treasure in Far Cry 6 – Treasure Hunt Guide on Guides.

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