Where to find the El General Unique automatic pistol in Far Cry 6

The El General in Far Cry 6 is a unique weapon model for the Scorpion automatic pistol. Explosive cartridges and fast mobility make it one of the most powerful handguns in the game. You can get the El General by following the simple steps given in this guide.

Unique location of the El General automatic pistol

Province – Sanctuary Island Region – Vencejo Go to the FND restricted ammunition storage area near Prado Meadows. There will be Yaran soldiers deployed in the area, and maybe even a tank. So plan your trips carefully.

How to get the El General Unique automatic pistol

Stealth guards patrolling the entrance to the bunker, if applicable. Do your best not to break the cover. And in case you do, kill the targets before they reach the security alarm. Once inside the Bunker, look to your right and you will see a key card on the desk. Take the key and walk to the open hatch in front of you. Use the key card to open the locked door to the armory. A weapon chest will be waiting for you inside.

Unique features of the El Genaral pistol

Blast Rounds Attachment Mods – Inflicts explosion damage in an area. Very effective against vehicles and can break bulletproof windshields. Trigger Discipline mods – Improves the damage of the target weapon. Nimble Shooter – Improves movement speed while aiming. For more unique Far Cry 6 weapons, visit Where to Find the Lethal Dose Gun on Guides.

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