Where to find Passing The Torch Treasure in Far Cry 6 – Treasure hunt guide

The last generation of guerrillas left you with weapons supplies. Unlock the locked stash in Passing The Torch Treasure Hunt to receive rewards and XP. This guide will help you complete the quest and unlock the SPAS-12 shotgun in Far Cry 6.

Passing the torch to Yara

Province – Eastern Region – Lost Sierra The mission is located in the region of Felicidad – marked with a yellow circle on the map. It is close to the hilly region of Promise Peaks. You will find several houses once you arrive at this location. To unlock the locked room, you need to provide power to the door.

How to complete the Passing The Torch treasure hunt

To bring the power, you have to pull down three levers present in three different houses. They are marked in the image above. You can activate them in any order. For the hut on the left in the picture, smash the door with your machete (melee) and press the switch. You can also shoot the door to open it. For the green house in the middle, go up through the window. And for the good, you will find an entrance at the back and under the house. Break the wooden plank and fight your way. Once you’ve pulled all three levers, head back to the armory and open the door to get the rewards. Related: Where To Find Sweet Fifteen Treasure In Far Cry 6 – Treasure Hunt Guide

Passing the torch treasure hunt rewards

SPAS-12 Shotgun Fifteen Wishes Wrist Gear 1 Supreme Obligation 150 XP For more guides, look at Where to Find Sword Lovers’ Treasure in Far Cry 6 – Treasure Hunt Guide on Guides.

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