Where to find Omni Chips at Coney Crossroads in Fortnite

Screenshot by our guides Fortnite’s latest update introduced Week 8 Seasonal Quests and Omni Sword Quests to the game. Players will need to find Omni Chips in three different locations this week, and these are needed to unlock more editing styles for the Omni Sword harvesting tool. Coney Crossroads is one of the main POIs in the game, and this week players will need to land there to collect three Omni Chips.

All Coney Crossroads Omni Chips locations in Fortnite

Screenshot by our guides Coney Crossroads is a hot point of interest, and we recommend players find a weapon before starting any of the quests. You can engage in active combat, but it’s ideal to wait for opponents to leave the location to easily move around the POI and find the Omni Chips. There are three Omni chips there, and they’re pretty spread out. Players can follow the red circles on the reference map above to locate them all. Screenshot by our guides The first Omni Chip is located on the north side of the map, inside the garage adjacent to the gas station in Coney Crossroads. Screenshot by our guides Related: How to plant saplings in clusters of bomb craters in Fortnite The second is located above the Ice Cream Parlor where players will also find the NPC Lil’ Whip. Screenshot by our guides The third is located on the south side of Coney Crossroads . Players will find the Omni Chip near the stairs at the back of the gray house shown in the image above. Wondering where to get Omega Knight Tokens? Look at All Omega Knight Level Up Token Locations In Fortnite – Guides For Each Week! on our guides.

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