Where to find Kibi Dango for the bandana dog to complete “The Man Who Saw an Oni” side mission in Ghostwire: Tokyo

Ghostwire: Tokyo is a great game because it has two important things: food and dogs. These are really the foundations on which a great title is built. All jokes aside, though, they intertwine most often in the game. So here’s how to get bandana dog to eat Kibi Dango. Food items can be found all over Ghostwire’s map. There will usually be takeaway food bags hanging from bike handles and sitting on benches, so you’ll want to grab them whenever you can (even if it’s been raining…ew). In that case, if you don’t haven’t been able to pick any up freely, you’ll want to head to the nearest convenience store northeast of where you find the Bandana Dog. Enter the store and buy Kibi Dango from the Nekomata for 150 Meida. Related: Is Feeding the Dogs Worth It in Ghostwire: Tokyo? Screenshot by our guides The cat helping you feed the dog, which would have believed it? You can buy several sticks from the rice-centric confectionery to keep on you for a later date, as it comes in handy with other dogs you may encounter around town. In fact, you might want to have at least one of everything the Nekomata sells just to be safe when needed. You can never be too sure in Ghostwire. Interested in more content? Find out how to break hand seals in Ghostwire: Tokyo.

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