Where to find all the gift Pokémon in Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl

Nothing beats free stuff, and we trainers are not any completely different. So when the NPCs of Sensible Diamond and Shining Pearl carry us a uncommon Pokémon that will have been onerous to search out within the wild, we take it. There are a selection of those gifted Pokémon within the Sinnoh remakes, so we’ll show you how to discover all of them.

1. Abra

Screenshot by Guides Abra could be redeemed for a Machop in Oreburgh Metropolis. Enter the home to the left of the Poké Mart and speak to the little woman with brown hair.

2. Mew and Jirachi

Screenshot by Guides Mew and Jirachi could be acquired from the outdated couple in Floaroma City. The woman offers you Mew when you’ve got a Lets Go Pokémon saved in your Nintendo Swap, whereas the person offers you Jirachi when you’ve got a Sword or Defend Pokémon.

3. Chatot

Screenshot by Guides Chatot could be redeemed for a Buizel in Eterna Metropolis. Enter the Eterna Condomonims (situated subsequent to the Poké Mart) and speak to the little woman sitting on the higher desk on the primary flooring.

4. Happiness

Screenshot by Guides As soon as you have entered Hearthome Metropolis, speak to the hiker who’s subsequent to the Route 209 signal (situated to the east). He gives you an egg of happiness. Associated: How To Get Hidden Talents In Pokémon Sensible Diamond & Shining Pearl

5. The ghost

Screenshot by Guides Haunter could be exchanged for a Medicham in Snowpoint Metropolis. Enter the home northwest of the gymnasium and speak to the blonde girl. The Haunter is holding an Everstone, so it will not evolve right into a Gengar.

6. Magikarp

Screenshot by Guides Magikarp could be exchanged for a Finneon on Route 226. Exit the survival zone to the east and surf to the home in the course of the lake. Speak to the hiker.

7. Riolu

Screenshot by Guides Riley gives you a Riolu Egg after you full the Escort Story to Iron Island. To set off it, it’s good to speak to the sailor in Canalave Metropolis.

8. Eevee

Screenshot by Guides As soon as you have change into a Champion, go to Bebe in Hearthome Metropolis. His home is situated to the fitting of the Pokémon Heart. She gives you an Eevee. For extra assist with Pokémon Sensible Diamond and Shining Pearl, we at Guides have you ever lined.

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