Where to find all roosters locations

Once you arrive at Montero Farm in Madrugada, you will open the Rooster Fighting mini-game, where you can earn pesos by pitting rooster against rooster. There are a total of 19 Far Cry 6 Roosters you can collect to fight in the ring, but only 13 of them (Yara’s fiercest fighters) count towards the Recrooster trophy / achievement, and their locations are spread out. throughout the archipelago. The remaining six Roosters (Yara’s Avian Mercenaries) are received as Ubisoft rewards and don’t count towards Recrooster’s total, so you don’t have to worry about them. This guide will show you where to find each rooster you need to complete this collection of collectibles and have a full rooster fight list. You can keep track of how many you’ve collected by pausing the game and going to the Collections tab. As you explore, watch for a white cage icon on your minimap, indicating the location of each cage.

Dawn roosters

The moment

El Rato is probably one of the first roosters you will collect because they are so easy to find. It’s inside the fence of the rooster fighting ring at Montero Farm. They are to the right of the ring in a crate with a red rope on it.

The Eagle

El Aguila is located just northeast of the Cortina weather station, across the Cortina River, on top of the cliffs east of the bridge crossing the river. Go up the mountain and use the zipline to go from side to side. The crate is near a chicken coop looking back towards the weather station.

The golden

El Dorado can be found inside the bunker kitchen during the Spur of the Moment quest. The third of Madrugada’s roosters is behind the slaughter table in a crate.


Acero is just northeast of the radio tower in Verdera, Lozania. Cross the road and go up the path next to the pink ice cream cart. Take the first left. The crate will be in front of you against a building with a green tarp and blue corrugated iron.

Gates of the Oro Valley


You will find Papcito in the National Zoo of Castillo. You can get them during the Break the Chains quest, which you receive from Talia Benevidez after meeting Maxima Matanzas in Valle de Oro. The zoo is located in Diamante Lakes, north of Feroza. Go to the far back of the zoo, over the large green interior wall, to find a chicken coop on the east side. If you hit the second big green wall on the outskirts, you’ve gone too far.

Black death

You can find La Muerte Negra in Segunda, Cruz Del Salvador in Valle de Oro. You will arrive in this area during the Balancing the Books mission for Paolo. Go to the west end of Segunda (west of the orange and blue tower in the plaza) and you will find a ranch. The crate is in the southwest part of the ranch, behind a chain-link fence with a woman and a dog.


El Pico is located on a farm in Cielo Gardens, in Noventarmas. The farm is south of the Yara Botanical Gardens, across the main road and up the hill. You will see a blue house, and the crate with the chanticleer is behind it.

The Fenix

El Fenix ​​is ​​located near the east coast of the Oro Valley, in particular Muerte Point in Barrial. Go to the southern part of Villa Orquidea, just north of the Rey Del Diente Croc farm in the intrusion area. You will find a house with a pigsty in the front and a blue car in the driveway. The box with the rooster is in the henhouse next to the car.

The Roosters of the East

Silver bullet

La Bala De Plata is located on the Alvarez farm in the Sierra Perdida, on the coast of Vacia. The box is on a cart next to the farm’s thatched-roof main building. You will come here to meet Reinaldo to start Yaran Story Man’s best enemy and get Chicharron as an amigo.


Hermosos can be found at Bonilla Farm, west of the Theta anti-aircraft site in the savannah fields west of the Sierra Perdida. This fowl is in the cattle pen next to the blue house, in the concrete stall on the left.

The Magnificent Rooster

El Gallo Magnifico is located at the Arrese farmhouse in the Fernando Valley. You come here as part of the All To Lose Yaran story, given by Petra Toca. The quest marker will take you to Arrese, who asks you to take her rooster to a safer location. Magnifico is locked in the hangar by Arrese, and you’ll need a ket to open the hangar. You can find the key inside the house.

The egg

El Huevo is located in La Joya at the local PDP offices of La Joya in the southwestern part of Cape Mirador. The offices are just northwest of the Madona River text on the map. The cash desk is behind a locked door on the second floor of the building with the Oficinas PDP La Joya sign in front of it. You can either enter from the front or descend into the room through the roof.

Hope Rooster

The white beast

La Bestia Blanca is located at the Casas Del Lodo residence in the north-west of Esperanza, in the bay of Roja. The rooster is in the kitchen of a teal house on the cliff by the water, just southeast of the Casas Del Lodo marker on the map. Related Guides: These are all the roosters and their locations in Far Cry 6. Now you have a full roster of ferocious fowls to take on the AI ​​and earn some extra pesos. On top of that you also have the Recrooster Trophy / Achievement and you’re a little closer to finding all of the collectibles Yara has to offer. To learn more, be sure to click on the links above or look at our other FC6 help guides.

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