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Containment Pro is a new NPC in Fortnite! Find out where to find the NPC in the game to complete new quests. The Fortnite game never ceases to amaze with its new events and unique partnerships! Today, Tuesday October 19, 2021, Ariana Grande is back in the Battle Royal and with new quests to complete to delight fans of the video game. Ariana doesn’t land alone, she arrives with other NPCs This isn’t the first time Ariana Grande has joined the Fortnite game, since there had already been an Ariana Grande gig in Fortnite a few months ago. Today, with the new season of Fortnite, Ariana returns with quests to complete. The Containment NPC Pro arrives with Ariana with her own quests. To collect this set of quests, and complete them, you need to find the new Pro Containment NPC in-game. Find out where to find Containment Pro in the Fortnite game.

How to find the Pro Containment NPC in Fortnite?

Containment Pro is a new NPC in Fortnite the new season and brings new quests for players. To complete his quests, you must first find the Containment Pro NPC. Nothing could be simpler, you just have to go to the south of the place called Catty Corner.
Pro Containment Location in Fortnite To help you out, we have shown you on the map below the location of the Pro Containment NPC to pick up the new quests available. As noted above, it should be just south of Catty Corner.
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