Where are the gun shops in Project Zomboid?

Image via Independent Stone If you’re trying to find a gun store in Project Zomboid, the best place to look is the town of West Point. In the northeast part of West Point, there is a gun shop that players can break into if they have a hammer. Without a hammer, players will not be able to enter the store due to a metal fence blocking all Gunshop entry points. For this reason, you will first need to search for a hammer in the game. However, hammers tend to be one of the hardest and rarest items to find as they barely appear. Nevertheless, here is a list of all possible locations for Sledgehammers in Project Zomboid. Tool shelves. Fire station Crate hardware Metal shelves. Overall, if you keep searching the locations listed above, you will eventually find the Sledgehammer in Project Zomboid. If you want to reduce research time, we recommend creating a character with the lucky trait. The reason for this is that the lucky trait allows players to find 10% more rare loot. Once you find a Sledgehammer, you can use it to break into West Point’s gun store and loot it for its arsenal of guns. To use the Sledgehammer to enter the weapon store, right-click on a metal fence or wall and click the destroy option. This will allow your character to take out the hammer and smash the wall. After that, you will be free to loot the gun store in Project Zomboid. Related: Where to find guns in Project Zomboid

Where to find guns in Project Zomboid and all gun loot locations

Besides gun shops, there are several other places where players can find guns in Project Zomboid. Locations range from military bases, police stations, and even a shooting range. Here’s a list of all the gun loot locations listed below and a link to our extensive gun guide above.

All gun locations in Project Zomboid

Police Stations Riverside Police Station Rosewood Police Station West Point Police Stations Gun Store at West Point Residential Homes Barricaded Buildings Louisville Police Station Louisville Army Surplus Store Military Checkpoint of Louisville Army Base North of Rosewood Dixie Police Station Muldraugh Police Station Valley Station Firing Range For more Project Zomboid guides, we at our guides have an ever-expanding list of guides!