When is Greedfall 2 taking place?

Image via Spiders Greedfall sequel is set before the adventures of De Sardet, the original game’s main character. In Greedfall 2, players will take control of a character who has come to Gacane, where the first game begins.

How long before Greedfall does Greedfall 2 take place?

Greedfall 2 takes place three years before the events of Greedfall. Since the main character will be on Gacane, there is a huge chance of encountering characters from the first game. This would be a great appearance that would rival Hawke’s appearance in Dragon Age: Inquisition. Related: 5 Most Historically Accurate Video Games Players will see a lot not included in the first game as they explore Gacane, the Old Continent. Players will be tasked with exploring the ancient lands of Uxantis and Olima, the city of the Bridge Alliance stars, and uncovering their secrets. Along their journey, players will explore the treacherous waters of the schemes and conspiracies of the various factions that control these nations. Players will create their own characters and find allies to join them. Make them your friends, your rivals or even your lovers by assisting them in their quests, discovering their secrets and revealing them to you. You can also control them in battle and equip them however you want. For more on Spiders, the developer of Greedfall, look at When is Steelrising coming out? here on our guides!

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