When is Bungie releasing the TWAB for Destiny 2?

Image via Bungie This Week at Bungie, also known as TWAB, is a weekly newsletter that updates Guardians on all things Destiny 2. This can range from in-game events to happenings within the community, in going through upcoming changes and more. It’s an assortment of information that fans are sitting on the edge of their seats for. The TWAB for Destiny 2 is released every Thursday. Although generally published in the afternoon, there is no set time. There are several different authors for the weekly bulletin, and depending on the length of it, it can drop any time on Thursday. Related: Who Wins The Guardian Games 2022 In Destiny 2? Every Thursday, The Internet Bursts Into A Room echo demanding to know when the TWAB will be released. It usually trends on Twitter, and the query goes up in the charts on Google. The quickest way to tell when TWAB drops is to pay attention to the Community Managers’ Twitter accounts, as they like to tease when it drops. Otherwise, we could spend the day furiously refreshing Bungie’s homepage. At this point, asking “Where TWAB?” became a meme, and even Bungie got into it. Fans of the inside joke can grab a shirt asking this harrowing question from Bungie’s store. For more Destiny 2 bonuses, look at the Daily Focus in Destiny 2 playlist explained in the our guides.

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