What’s included in For Honor: Marching Fire Edition?

Image via Ubisoft For Honor is a fast-paced action game that offers two smoking barrels of brutality and cutting-edge multiplayer gameplay. Featuring a complex yet incredibly rewarding combat system, Ubisoft’s title stands as one of the most memorable highlights of 2017. But what is the Marching Fire Edition and how does it compare? it to the standard launch version? Related: How To Play Every Class In For Honor’s Knight Faction

What is the difference between For Honor: Standard Edition and Marching Fire Edition?

Image via Ubisoft Unlike the Launch Edition released in 2017, Marching Fire Edition comes with a number of additional goodies, primarily the Marching Fire expansion itself.

For Honor: Marching Fire Edition

For Honor (Base Game) For Honor: Marching Fire Expansion New Hero Jiang Jun New Hero — Tiandi New Hero — Shaolin New Hero Nuxia New PvE Mode — Arcade For Honor: Marching Fire Edition is included in the Ubisoft app Connect for PC. It can also be played through Xbox Game Pass and Game Pass Ultimate.

What is For Honor?

For Honor is a single-player action title developed and published by Ubisoft. In the game, players control a hero from one of five factions: Knights, Vikings, Samurai, Wu Lin, and Outlander. However, unlike head-on fighting games, For Honor focuses on one-on-one duels, all of which feature complex combat mechanics. For more For Honor content, be sure to look at How to Play Each Class in For Honor’s Samurai Faction here on our guides.

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