What’s in The Wild Update in Minecraft?

On October 17, during the Minecraft Live event, developers Mojang unveiled the next big update for Minecraft: The Wild Update. Another huge addition to Minecraft, along the same lines as the Cliffs and Caves update, The Wild Update is expected to arrive in the game in 2022. Like Cliffs and Caves, The Wild Update will add new biomes, new creatures, and items. to the game. The update will be Minecraft update 1.19

New monsters added in The Wild update

The biggest novelty will be the Allay. The winner of the Minecraft Live crowd vote, the Allay defeated the Copper Golem and the Glare to be the next fan-voted crowd in Minecraft. A friendly crowd that brings you extra items, the Allay is drawn to note pads. In addition to the Allay, it is confirmed that the Warden will be added to the game in 1.19. Originally thought to be added in Cliffs and Caves, the Warden is a blind hostile mob that detects the player based on vibrations. The director will be attracted to the mining of nearby blocks and then the brutal attack of the player. A Guardian can kill a player wearing full Netherite armor with just two hits! Beyond these two, three passive mobs should be added. Frogs, tadpoles, and fireflies will spawn around swamps. Tadpoles turn into frogs, and frogs change depending on the temperature of where they ripen. Frogs eat fireflies and fireflies act as a source of light at night.

Updating new biomes in the wild

In addition to the new monsters, a pair of new biomes will be added in The Wild Update: The Mangrove Swamp and the Deep Dark. The Mangrove adds a new type of tree, the Mangrove. Mangroves will have a new variety of wood, which can be transformed into all the usual wood items. Additionally, you will be able to find mud blocks in the new biome. Image via Mojang The Deep Dark is a Bastion-style location deep underground in the main world. Home of the formidable Warden, the Deep Dark will be a difficult challenge for players at the end of the game. It will likely be filled with treasures, rare blocks, and other rewards. Lit by candles with a dark green color palette, it is

Other changes in the Wild update

In addition to the additions above, there are plenty of biomes on the way to refresh themselves, update their makeup, and add more materials. A new ship chest means you can now bring in more materials from distant ocean exploration missions. All in all, not all of the update’s additions have been revealed yet and you’ll have to check them out for yourself in 2022! Find out more details about the previous update in When is Minecraft Caves and Cliffs Part 1 and 2 released?

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