What systems is Bloodhunt on?

The new Vampire Bloodhunt Battle Royale is derived from The Masquerade role-playing games. But is free play exclusive to any platform? Let’s find out. Bloodhunt is currently only available on Microsoft Windows. However, console gamers will not be overlooked by the PC gaming community. Sharkmob AB, the game’s developers, have confirmed they are on par with PlayStation. Related: All Bloodhunt Clans & Archetypes & Their Abilities Game is slated for release in 2021 on PS5 consoles. It’s unclear whether Bloodhunt BR will launch on PS5 on its official launch date or on a different date. If you are interested, you can check the download links for confirmed platforms below: PC: You can play the game after downloading it from the Steam Store by clicking here. PS5: You can add the game to your Wish List right now and download it as soon as it hits PlayStation Store by clicking here. Therefore, it is confirmed that Bloodhunt will arrive on the following systems from now on: PC and PS5. Hopefully an expansion is considered for other platforms such as XBox and PS4 consoles. This will only ensure and facilitate the growth of BloodHunt’s player base and community. The developers have yet to give details on the availability of features like cross play and cross progression. For more Blood Hunt guides, look at Bloodhunt’s release date on Guides.

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