What is the release date of Blood on the Clocktower?

Screenshot by Guides Blood on the Clocktower is the next social deduction board game that has been a huge hit as a Kickstarter campaign. It was originally slated for release in 2020, but was later postponed to 2021. Now we know when the game will be released. Blood on the Clocktower is slated for release on November 30, 2021. Image via Pandemonium Institute Related: When is the Far Cry 6 DLC release date? The game has been delayed due to balance improvements. After community feedback, the creators of Blood on the Clocktower have worked to ensure that the character balance is of the highest quality possible, so that almost all of the characters will interact with each other even after combined characters from different scenarios. An example: combining inhabitants of Bad Moon Rising with a demon from Trouble Brewing. There is an online game emulator available for free for anyone to play. You can find it here. If you can’t wait or can’t get the physical copy of the game, you can set up your own game and play it with friends online right now. Blood on the Clocktower is a social game that involves two teams (good and evil) working against each other. The good team wins if they manage to defeat the demon, and the bad team wins if they get rid of every good player. Its gameplay is based on Day and Night phases and a lot of dialogue between players to deduce who is evil and who is not. For more guides and articles on Blood on the Clocktower and similar content, look at Best Online Board Games at Guides.

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