What is the maximum level in New World?

New World is the latest game from Amazon Games and has vast potential to take the world by storm. The current highest level a player can reach is level 60 The highest level (as of September 2021) is level 60. It allows you to distribute a lot of skill points in your attributes even if 60 levels don’t seem so high. You have to keep in mind that the game did not release its full version until September 28, 2021. Knowing how these types of games work, we can safely assume that we will see level cap increases in the future, ie in the form of a small free bonus. or part of a larger update or extension. Related: How To Activate Streamer Mode In New World After Hitting Level 60 There Is A Lot Of Potential In Endgame Content For This Title. As a huge MMORPG, there is a lot of potential here, with various additions like more levels, new skills to distribute points or equipment to acquire. We will keep you posted when the max level increases in the future. For more articles on New World, look at the list of all Prime Gaming New World rewards.

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