What is the Abyssal Race in Spligate?

Splitgate is a fast-paced FPS game that features the unique use of portals to bypass its maps and take out your enemies. But just because it’s an FPS, that doesn’t mean the only thing you can do is shoot people. Splitgate has another mode and this one is called Race. Race is a game mode that requires you to move around the map and collect disco balls. You can set high scores and complete weekly / daily challenges. One of them is to complete the Abyss Race. You might be wondering what the Abyss Race is. Related: How To Fix Splitgate Cannot Authenticate Error The Abyss Race Is Just A Race On The Abyss Map. To do this, simply go to the Training tab of the main menu. The first option is the Race group. Click on it and you will be taken to another menu. Click on the arrows at the bottom left of your screen to scroll to Abyss which is a standard card. You cannot race on simulation maps. Once you have selected Abyss, you will be transported to the map unarmed, only your portals. You have to use them in combination with your movement skills to collect all the disco balls. At the end, your time will be added to the scoreboards where you can see which ones completed the Abyss race the fastest. For more information on Splitgate, see All Achievements / Trophies in Splitgate and What is a Portal Kill in Splitgate – How to Get One on Guides.

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