What is spoofing in Pokémon Go?

Since the beginning of Pokémon Go, one of the main features of the game has been that it has encouraged you to go on adventures outside your home, city, state and even your country. It mimics region-specific Pokémon mechanics from other Pokémon games, making it Pokémon available only to be caught in specific parts of the world. Identity theft, the act of modifying the data on your device so that tracking devices see incorrect information on your device, was brought to Pokémon Go to counter this. Specifically, Identity Theft in Pokémon Go is intended to alter your device’s GPS data so that the Pokémon Go servers think you are in a different location than you are. Gamers have a myriad of reasons for using identity theft. The most common reason is to get region exclusive Pokémon that are in different areas. However, some players use it to trick the game into believing they have walked a certain distance or even to attack a gym that is not within range. Related: Pokémon Go Raid Calendar: All Current Bosses & Counters Players also have plenty of reasons not to use impersonation. Most importantly, if you are caught using identity theft, your account will be banned. So, all the hard work you put into improving your character and Pokémon will have gone for nothing. Additionally, Niantic has put a lot of effort into finding thieves more easily than in the past. Ultimately, spoofing can be seen as a means to an end, a provocative and unfair form of cheating, or even just an entertaining experience with no real consequences. There is no legal or moral violation, so players use it and see it entirely from their own perspective! Be sure to look at our Pokémon Go homepage for the latest news, guides and content for all things Pokémon Go!

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