What is Cosmodrome Cosplay?

Ever since video games have existed, people have created a costume and dressed up as their favorite characters. It’s almost to the point now that cosplay and gaming are synonymous with each other. That’s why Bungie, creators of Destiny 2, aims to engage directly with cosplayers by testing their creativity and having them try their hand at creating their own version of The Witch Queen herself.

Everything you need to know about Cosmodrome Cosplay

What is Cosmodrome Cosplay?

Cosmodrome Cosplay is a challenge to nine extremely talented cosplayers. They are responsible for creating and putting their own creative spin on Savathûn. These nine creators will have a little over a month to perfect their cosplays. The final shots of these creative cosplays will then air on the Bungie Day Live Stream. Related: Destiny 2 Codes (May 2022)

Who are the nine contenders?

Bungie announced nine suitors in a blog post about this Cosmodrome cosplay. They stated that they had nothing to do with The Nine in the game, however, with the skills these creators possess, it wouldn’t be surprising to find out that they were actually members of The Nine. You can find all of the contestants below. Creative Willow Where Is Danielle Petite Blonde Goth Lily Bean Cosplay Kamichan 83 Color Fox Cinderella Anhyre Solomon Taïsa On their social media, artists will post updates on their progress ahead of Bungie Day.

What is Bungie Day and when is it?

Entrants will be able to show off their latest Savathûn creation on Bungie Day during the Bungie Day Live Stream. Bungie Day takes place on July 7 and usually includes some kind of studio celebration. The significance of July 7 is that it is the seventh day of the seventh month. Bungie has always had a fondness for the number seven and so named the date Bungie Day. So there you have it, that’s all you need to know about Cosmodrome Cosplay. Be sure to look at some of the contestant’s previous creations, because they’re amazing, and tune into the Bungie Day live stream to see Savathûn’s latest creations and who will be crowned top witch queen. Find out more more on Destiny, look at Where is Hawthorne in Destiny 2? right here on our guides.

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