What consoles is Choo-Choo Charles coming to?

Image via Two Star Games Choo-Choo Charles pits players against an evil creature from the Spider Train who wants to eat your flesh and any other humans it can find. You will have to help the locals and collect scrap metal to upgrade your train if you have any hope of defeating Charles. You might be wondering which consoles Choo-Choo Charles will come to. At the moment, it is only confirmed for PC. But the game has a 2022 release window, giving Choo-Choo Charles time to come to Xbox, PlayStation, and Nintendo Switch. Related: When Is Choo-Choo Charles Release Date? Choo-Choo Charles is a survival horror game that features a unique mechanic of a moving base and an enemy stalking you. The novelty of a spider train monster could make this game popular among streamers. It would also work well as a VR game if the developer decides to tackle it. For now, the game will be released on PC in 2022. Depending on how the game sells or how many Wishlists it receives on Steam, it could easily be ported to consoles, either at launch or at a later date. . Somehow Charles has to be arrested and only you can do it. For more information on the games, look at Layers of Fear Returns with Teaser for New Game and Killing Floor 2: Day of the Zed Halloween Update brings new maps, weapons, and modes to the Guides.

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