What Are Teeth – How To Get Them In Inscryption

Screenshot by Guides Inscryption is a deck-building game that features a dark, atmospheric horror look. The main gameplay is to engage in card battles. The player must injure his opponent and tip the scales in his favor. Whenever the player injures the opponent, false teeth are placed on his opponent’s ladder. But teeth are more useful than just damaging your opponent. Players can deal additional damage to their opponent, which will place excess teeth in a bowl. These extra teeth can be accumulated and spent later when the player meets the trapper who will sell the player’s pelts. Related: How To Get Stink Bug Card In Inscryption But There Are Other Ways To Get Teeth. One unpleasant way is to use the forceps to remove a tooth from the player. They will place this on the scale which will count as dealing damage and lower the opponent’s side. In addition, the player can stand up and periodically pick up skull teeth behind the mysterious figure. Skins can be exchanged for items, so players should try to collect as many teeth as possible. Checking the skull regularly is also a good way to get more teeth. They should especially check it right before meeting the trapper to make sure they can buy as many skins as possible. For more information on Inscryption, see What Are Bones – How To Get Them In Inscryption And How To Solve The Candlestick Puzzle In Inscryption On The Guides.

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