What are special events in Coin Master?  –

In Coin Master there are many events, this is the case of Special Events. We present them to you in more detail in this article. In Coin Master there are many unique events that allow you to win lots of bonus prizes like free spins, chests or gold cards. Each event has its own functioning, some allow you to obtain discounts on your villages such as the Village en Folie event, others allow you to win different bonuses such as towers, food for your animals or gold cards just like the Viking in Coin Master, and there are many more! Among all these events there are Special Events in Coin Master. In these events you will have to attack villages, loot them and line up icons in the roulette wheel to win unique gifts!

What are Special Events in Coin Master?

In Coin Master there are many events including Special Events. These events take place on certain dates like early spring or Halloween and allow you to win lots of goodies, when they do you will need to complete various progress bars which all earn you increasingly better prizes. You will be able to win thousands of towers, chests, millions of coins and even Gold cards! In order to be able to complete these different progress bars, you need to collect icons that vary according to the event (flowers for spring for example). These icons you will be able to collect like this: 4 for a raid 5 for a perfect raid 2 for an attack 3 for a blocked attack 10 for 3 icons aligned in the roulette wheel You want more articles on Coin Master? Join us on Facebook join us and be informed of the latest articles!

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