What Are Blessings – How To Get Them In Age of Darkness: Final Stand

Image via Playside Age of Darkness: Final Stand is a challenging dark fantasy survival RTS that requires a bit of strategy, determination, and luck. There is one thing that can make your life easier and give you an advantage over the darkness and nightmares that are trying to slaughter your people. They are Blessings. Blessings are a beneficial effect placed on your army that will help you survive and fend off nightmares. Unfortunately, to get a blessing you have to survive a Night of the Dead, which is no easy task. At the end of Night of Death, you will have a choice of three blessings. Related: Should I Buy Age of Darkness: Final Stand – Age of Darkness: Final Stand Review The blessings you can choose from are randomly selected. You need to think carefully about what will benefit your army the most before deciding, as you won’t be able to choose until the next Night of the Dead which occurs every other day. These blessings enrich the replayability because they can change with each game. To earn a blessing, you will have to survive these Death Nights, which is no easy task. It is worth it, not only because you will still be alive, but also because blessings can be the starting or stopping point of your army. For more information on the games, look at the best artillery units in Warhammer Total War 2 and the best races to choose from in Warhammer Total War 2 on the this site.

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