Warframe UAL Cryptographic, how to get it?  –

In Warframe, it is possible to recover loot of any type including the Cryptographic UAL. We tell you where and how to get it. Warframe is full of loot which can be available in the form of diagrams for weapons, warframes or even resources which will be useful for you to create useful objects for your adventure. Among the resources to be recovered in the game, we find in particular the UAL Cryptographic and some players are wondering where it is possible to get some. If this is your case, you have to go to Jupiter or Neptune to have a chance of getting one.

How to recover Cryptographic UAL in Warframe?

If you want to know where and how to loot the Cryptographic UAL which is a special resource within Warframe, well, you’re going to have to wait for the Armada Razorback invasion on Jupiter and Neputune. It is possible to get some from the remains of the Archwing Corpus as you can see in the following explainer video from Fulolian.How to farm Crypto UALs in Warframe (credits: Fulolian)As you can see in the video, you can get between 0 and 5 each time you complete the “Archwing” Sabotage mission on Jupiter. As a reminder, this item is a crafting item to create Razorback decoders which is used to hack the latest Corpus console as explained on the Warframe Fandom site (source). Obviously, to make a Decoder, you will not only need Cryptographic UALs, so here are the other elements necessary to make it: 1,250 credits, loot dropped by enemies, but obtained as a mission reward 1,500 Polymer Packs, a common resource collectable on Mercury, Venus, and Uranus 3 Galliums, a rare component that can be found on Mars and Uranus by defeating the Lieutenant Kril or Tyl Regor bosses. You can also have some during excavation missions on both planets and 4 Cryptographic UALs Finally, we remind you that in Warframe you can collect different warframes, some of which can be obtained as free rewards with the Prime Gaming offer from ‘Amazon.

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