Walkthrough “Unchanging God and Eternal Utopia” Genshin Impact – Guide

After updating to Genshin impact 2.0 a new region of Inazuma will be available. To get to Inazuma, you must have adventure rank 30 and complete the “Autumn Wind, Crimson Leaves” quest.

How to complete the quest Unchanging God and Eternal Utopia

Travel to Li Yue Harbor to the Adventurer’s Guild and speak with Katherine. You need to take a trip on the B.I.Dow ship.

Set sail

Use the teleport to get to the Guyun Realm location. Now you need to climb to the top of the slope. Then we jump in the direction of the ship and soar. We talk with Bei Doe.

Walkthrough “Unchanging God and Eternal Utopia” Genshin Impact – Guide

After talking with Toma, a new task will become available.

A stranger’s confession

Arriving at the location, you must visit and register with the local service. We leave for the marker and talk with an inspector named Kageyama.

Climb the stairs and talk to Inspector Yurik. It requires 2 million mora for registration. A new friend will come to the rescue. Next, we go to the International Trade Association and talk with Kuris. The merchants need our help. We speak with Toma, then with Werner. Offer him the specialties of Monstadt and Li Yue and listen to the merchant’s story.

To help the merchant, we chase Keijiro without him noticing you. Be careful around the stairs. We leave for the marker to dig out the ledger.

Escape from Rito Island

Go to Commissioner Kanjo’s office on Rito Island. His terms of the deal don’t quite fit us. Pay attention to the girl. You can only meet with her from 6 pm to 12 am. The marker will appear only at this time. The girl will ask you to hand over the letter. We go to the marker and carry the cargo, guarding the cart. The cart must reach its destination.

Three wishes

To deliver the letter, visit the Komore tea house on the island. Let’s talk to the girl. Inside, talk to Toma. Approach the monument to the all-seeing deity.

Walkthrough Unchanging God and Eternal Utopia in Genshin Impact

It is necessary to help the residents of the city and find the Eyes of God. We leave for the village of Konda and talk with the villagers and Tejima.

Examine the outside of the house. After finding the diary, head to the nearby shrine. Apply the elemental skill – sight and soon you will be at the right place. Paimon will tell you that you need to dig under the stones near the tree.

The supportive is treated with benevolence.

Find Kurosawa in the city and talk to him. Go to the marker where the treasure thieves are. Fight them and take the samurai receipts.

In the Aoi store, we find out information. Travel to Kurosawa to complete the quest.

The swordmaster’s path is paved with broken blades

Go to the dojo. Wait or rewind the evening to speak with Junya and Nanako. Next, follow the stranger and inspect the place where the exorcism was carried out. Return to the dojo and speak with Inagi Hotomi. After the conversation, we go to Mount Yogo, then we go to the Great Temple of Narukami. Talk to the characters.

The flower blooms in the dungeon

Talk to Kamisato Ayaka. Watch out for the fireworks and talk to Youmiya.

We will not be able to fight the Hansiro Guardians yet. You will have a talk with the director of the store fireworks and head to the site. Walk around the building and examine it to find a secret entrance. Fight enemies. Using three jade, you can open the wall. Get ready to fight enemies. Find Masakatsu and help him.

After completing the quest, go to the tea house. The passage of the first chapter “Unchanging God and Eternal Utopia” is now complete.

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