Walkthrough Pathfinder Wrath of the Righteous: Natholm and Sentry Labyrinth

You will have to choose between Wenduag and Lann twice. Whoever you support in Natholm will walk with you through the Labyrinth. And the one you choose at the end of the Labyrinth will stay with you for the entire game. If you choose the path of the angel twice – in Natholm and the Labyrinth, then Venduag basically will not go with you and will have to take Lann. Otherwise, you can choose anyone. The second companion will not disappear without a trace – the story of this couple will continue throughout almost the entire game and the outcome will depend on your actions – from the death of one of them to the joining of both.

Walkthrough Pathfinder Wrath of the Righteous: Natholm and Sentry Labyrinth

In the Labyrinth itself there is one riddle – with colored symbols. The key to the puzzle is the colors of the four paintings that hang in one of the rooms. The reward will be the long sword Radiance. Do not miss this sword – it will be possible to carry it through the whole game, gradually improving it up to +6. Even if you will not use it right now, just equip it in the second slot for a character who will always be in the party. If your class is a paladin, then Radiance immediately upon finding it will improve to +1.

In the battle with the boss of the Labyrinth, the alignment depends on your choices. If you chose Wenduag in the beginning, Lann will come and will always be on your side. If you chose Lanna, then Venduag will be on your side only if you use the powers of the demon. Choosing a demon will make the mongrel tainted regardless of whether you chose Wenduag or Lanna initially.

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