Walkthrough Pathfinder Wrath of the Righteous: All Secrets of the First Chapter

Some locations are described in separate guides. For example, Market Square

Plutifling hideout

You can point to the “wrong” tiefling and then the “right” tiefling will run away and we will meet him later in the third chapter.

After completing the investigation, if your race is tiefling, then you can ask Kerismey to accept us into the gang – we will get the Ring of Plutiflings. If we pass the diplomacy (20) and intimidation (22) checks and make Kerismey apologize twice, we will get the key to the vault. Or you can just kill her and get both the key and the ring. But if we let her leave without an apology and just pick the lock in the vault, then the most valuable will no longer be there. There is another secret door inside the vault itself (attention 23).

Walkthrough Pathfinder Wrath of the Righteous: All Secrets of the First Chapter

Shop “Wonders of Antiquity”

Finnean, a companion weapon, is located here. It can be accessed from the inventory – the button to the right of the character portraits. Finnean can transform into any weapon that the character is capable of using. Also, as the game progresses, Finnean, like the Shining, can improve.

Earl of Arenda’s party house

If your class is a bard, then you can arrange a song duel with Aranka – you will receive a unique ring as a reward.
In the podium there is a secret spot with a very small detection radius, a trap (attention 25) and a lock (23).

Earl of Arenda's party house

Accidental meeting with Nenio

As you get to the location – do not rush to run forward. The dead end on the right has several Attention checks — one of them is the Longsword of Damage (Attention 24).

Guerm Mansion

Closed doors cannot be opened at this stage. Don’t worry, they’ll let you in everywhere when the time comes.
In one of the rooms on the second floor there is a cache behind a painting (attention 18).

Guerm Mansion

Assault of the “Heart of the Defender” tavern

If you manage to complete all the plot tasks for preparing an attack on the Gray Garrison in less than about a week, then there will be no assault on the tavern at all. Irabet will simply issue an increased reward and we will immediately advance to the Gray Garrison.

Assault of the

But for the attack of the tavern, a little more experience and coins will be released, and new mobs and new loot will appear on the Market Square, which in this situation will not be available. Of course, it’s up to you to decide which scenario to choose.

The assault on the tavern itself consists of several phases. Neophyte cultists spawn endlessly and do not give experience for them – just ignore them. Pyros will attack buildings – try to kill them as soon as possible if you want to end the assault with the best possible result. There are three directions of attack – through the north gate, through the rooftops and through the south gate. To proceed to the next phase, you need to kill all the unique mobs on the previous one.

Phase one:

  • North gate – three drechas, Descari cultist, Baphomet cultist, barbarian neophyte
  • North Gate – Two Pyro Cultists
  • Roofs – Cultist Pyro

Second phase:

If you have not cleared Estrod’s Tower before attacking the tavern, then at the beginning of this phase, Kilas will appear on the battlefield, but will be instantly drank by Greybor without really having time to do anything.

  • Roofs – two drechs, two cultists of Baphomet, schir
  • North Gate – Two Pyro Cultists
  • North Gate – Two Pyro Cultists

Third phase:

  • South Gate – Bestial Grunt Minotaur, Three Drechs, Two Pyro Cultists

The battle will end as soon as all of the above mobs are killed. Especially greedy ones can get lost killed mobs before the battle is over – then they will not give such an opportunity.

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