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In Scene 7 of Vampire: The Masquerade Swansong, Emem Louis is again asked to play the diplomat. This time it’s on a mission to unaffiliated “anarchs” living in the Boston slums, in an attempt to beg, borrow, or coerce them into helping you. It forces you to play political hardball. One of the leaders of the anarchists, Rafa, has made himself difficult to find. To find it, you will have to solve the hidden puzzle on the tablet. Here’s how to do it in a handy step-by-step format, with inevitable but mild spoilers.

Solve the hidden tablet puzzle in VtM: Swansong

There are only two real clues to Rafa’s whereabouts. You can find one if you befriend Kai, a light-blooded vampire that roams ground level, by using Presence on her. The other clue is simply that nobody wants to let you get on Gladys, the barge in the river. Naturally, that’s where you want to go. There are two ways to access the houseboat. You can either grab the key to the baron’s office tunnels and go through the old sewer system, or activate the crane access ladder near the barge walkway, which requires at least one point in technology. In any case, you will have to flash several times to board Gladys. If you need blood, there are rats everywhere, or you can sneak into the warehouse on the anarchs’ property and feed on a few junkies there. The latter approach is preferable, as each rat you eat increases your suspicion, which can eventually cripple your psychology talent if it gets too high. Once you’re on the houseboat, follow the catwalk to the makeshift computer lab on the top floor. There’s a lot to see and do in the Anarch Archives, but for the purposes of this guide, the most important part is on the back wall. Emem’s default Auspex level is enough to break through an illusion that hides a tablet here. Like Jason Moore’s phone, the tablet is locked with a series of lines, rather than a PIN code. If you have Emem’s Auspex Tree Psychometry, you can trigger a flashback that gives you the only clue you’ll get: Rafa gazing towards the corner of the room. It kindly suggests that the three art posters hanging on the wall (“What if…everything…was connected?”) contain the solution to the lock. If you’ve inexplicably taken the time to specialize in Emem technology, or have a few of the one-time-use magnetic keys on you, you can perform a bypass and move on. It’s also technically an optional part of the level, as you can also progress from this stage by dealing with the militia leader Cerys; Rafa’s cooperation is a “nice to have”, not an “absolute need”. While we’re here, though, let’s go ahead and work this out. Just like Swansong’s other puzzles, the trick is just to figure out what you’re supposed to do. The arrows on the posters are the solution, but you have to find a way to grab all six directional commands without hitting the edge of the grid. From the top center button, drag the slider down, left, right, down, up, then right. You’ll come back to your own lines, but you should end up with a cross shape on the grid. When you successfully enter the code, the door to your left automatically opens, setting the stage for an encounter with the elusive Rafa. Getting away from your conversation with Rafa with his cooperation is necessary to unlock the Black Rattlers trophy/achievement, while finding a way to get help from Cerys. And that’s how you solve the hidden tablet puzzle in VtM: Swansong. For more tips, tricks and solutions, head over to our Swansong guides hub.

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